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Industry-leading Sealoflex® Waterproofing Systems are ideal for metal roof applications - either for new roofing or as recovery for deteriorated surfaces. The flexible system bonds to joints, fasteners, flashings and other awkward shapes to form a uniform membrane that expands and contracts with the underlying material. Durable finish coats offer a wide array of color options.

green roof systems


  • Simple, cost effective to apply and maintain

  • Highly resistant to UV, ozone, salt spray, chemicals

  • Seals pitched and curved surfaces
  • Great for standing seam and corrugated metal
  • Incorporates parapets, gutters, vents
  • Energy efficient, Energy Star rated
  • Class A fire rating

Sealoflex® coating systems for metal roofs cover all surface details with a flexible, monolithic envelope that provide protection from the damage caused by UV, heat, cold and other elements. Easy to apply components handle joints, fastners, flashings, vents and other features on sloped or metal roofs.

metal system before
Metal System After
Roof Surface Before
Roof Surface After